REVIEW: ‘One Right Now’ by Post Malone and The Weekend

REVIEW 'One Right Now' by Post Malone and The Weekend
Photo: One Right Now Cover Art/YouTube

Post Malone and The Weekend are two artists who do not disappoint in fulfilling our rhymical and lyrical urges! Finally, after many prayers by their fans, the two have joined magnificent forces on a new single, “One Right Now” from the album with the same name and the label, Republic Records. This latest electropop wonder is written by Andrew Bolooki, Brian Lee, and Billy Walsh and released on 5 November this year. Perhaps, the greatest single to wrap up 2022?

Being a lover of R&B and alternative music, I had to reward my eardrums with soaking in this new masterpiece. The Weekend’s R&B, pop, and synth-pop brilliance together with Post Malone’s rapping and hip-hop genius brought a new flavor through the music however, their distinctive styles amalgamated.  Music enthusiasts like myself will appreciate that the song is a beat a second and ridiculously effortless and catchy.

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The video depicts a shootout between the singers and their teams on opposing sides, which ties in with the intensity of the lyrics. The scene illustrates the disappointment of a break in a relationship and basically being cheated on! I think we all can relate in some way or another to the heartache, and these two skillful artists use wordplay to stir up the emotions of their fans, tying them into the bloodbath playing out in the video.

The base if low and the beat is fire. Could this be the collaboration of a lifetime?! Quite simply put, absolutely!