Michael Jackson & Elizabeth Taylor: How did they meet and what was their relationship like?

Michael Jackson & Elizabeth Taylor How did they meet and what was their relationship like

Elizabeth, a closet friend of MJ

Among the most faithful friends of Michael Jackson, one of the most highlighted names is Elizabeth Taylor. By faithful, we mean to say she never spoke anything bad or false against the King of Pop and always stood to defend her friend even after he passed away. Despite the fact that many people who were closest to Jackson in his life and showed a different face after his death, Elizabeth spread positivity and strove to build love in the hearts of the people for Jackson.

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How did Elizabeth and Michael become good friends? 

The similar painful childhood experiences that Jackson and Taylor had, is one of the reasons they became fast friends. They met in the 1980s and the start of this friendship sounds a little awkward to know. When Jackson invited Taylor to attend one of his Victory Tour concerts, he was upset to know that she left the concert in the middle without seeing the complete performance as the view of the stage was quite poor to be enjoyed live. Guilty Jackson called her to seek forgiveness and that is where Jackson got one of his best friends for a lifetime.

Jackson-Elizabeth and their bond!

Michael and Elizabeth were, then, frequently seen together appearing in awards shows, sets of his music videos, red carpets, her wedding, his 30th-anniversary celebration, just to name a few. Elizabeth and Michael had an age difference of 26 years, almost like a son and a mother but their bonding and chemistry was extraordinarily strong.

Jackson and Taylor publicly expressed their affection towards each other on different occasions. To him she was like a warm blanket, to him he was a dazzling star. They both played, laughed like children, had fun, and everything that two friends could do together. In March 2011, almost 2 years after Jackson’s death, Taylor passed away and the two friends reunited in the heavens.

Did you know it was Elizabeth Taylor who once called Michael Jackson the King of Pop for the first time on a stage, on which the live audience agreed and chanted the king of pop!! His unbelievable records and work ethic towards modern popular music culture made him the true king of pop and forever.

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