Michael Jackson & Diana Ross: How did they meet and what was their relationship like?

Michael Jackson & Diana Ross How did they meet and what was their relationship like
Michael Jackson & Diana Ross in 1982. Pic Credit: Norman Seeff

Michael Jackson and Diana Ross’s friendship is one of the most amazing friendships in the entertainment industry. Diana Ross, as an actress and a singer, was a lead member of the vocal band, The Supremes. Michael Jackson, an influence himself, was immensely influenced by various artists including Diana Ross.

How Did Michael Jackson and Diana Ross Meet each other?

It was a memorable day in the late 1960s when Ross saw Jackson performing in an event with his brothers and that is when the legendary actress started believing that the young kid would make his way to the peaks of success. After the Jacksons were signed up for Motown along with Diana Ross, the two started their friendship which got stronger with the passage of time.

What Was MJ and Diana’s Relationship like?

He was able to see almost every relation in her, as a mother, as a lover, and as a sister too. Ross played a significant role in introducing Jackson to the industry’s dominant personalities at that time who promoted Jackson and his brothers’ talent to a larger platform. Jackson 5 and then the Jacksons used to perform with Ross on stages and with the passage of time the fame got widespread. She has been given the credit of discovering the Jackson 5.

Michael and Diana also worked together in the play “The Wiz” and sang “We are the world” along with famous artists like Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Cyndi Lauper, and many more. There are many considerations about the relationship, some people think it was love, some think it was friendship. We are not going into the debate of it, but all we know is that whenever they used to unite, they created magic. Whether it was on stage when Michael joined Diana during her performance or when Michael was called up on stage by Diana to receive the award.

Diana Ross Supported Michael Jackson over documentary Leaving Neverland

Soon after the release of Leaving Neverland, just to create a negative image of Jackson in the minds of people a decade after he passed away, a few of his faithful friends came in the spotlight to defend him and Diana Ross was among them. She is a strong believer that Michael was innocent and the allegations made against him were all wrong.

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