Michael Jackson & Debbie Rowe: How did they meet and what was their relationship like?

Michael Jackson’s mysterious relationship with Debbie is still a question to many of us and most of us are not aware of where and how they met and why did they decide to get married. You will get to know all these details in this article.

Michael Jackson & Debbie Rowe how did they meet and what was their Relationship like
Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe in 1996. Image: News Au

Who Was Debbie Rowe?

Debbie Rowe was born in December 1958. Her childhood was not that easy as her father divorced her mother in 1960. The girl grew up lonely and had her first serious relationship at the age of 30. Before marrying Michael, Debbie was married to Richard Edelman in 1982 and the two got divorced after 6 years of marriage.

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Initial Meetings Between MJ and Debbie Rowe

The relationship between Debbie and Michael came into existence during her services as a nurse at the medical center run by Michael’s dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein.

During his frequent visits for the checkup, Michael and Debbie started getting closer and shared their past experiences with each other. Debbie, who was already obsessed with the king of pop, gave an offer to him that she is ready to be the mother of his children.

Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe Marriage & Separation

Jackson took a few weeks to think about it and agreed later. The couple united and get married in front of 15 friends in 1996.

Soon after the marriage, she announced her pregnancy and gave birth to Jackson’s first son Prince Jackson in 1997, and the very next year Paris Jackson was born.

Debbie said that she never had sex with Michael and married him because she wanted to give him the happiness of being a father.

The couple split because Debbie was so uncomfortable being in the eyes of the media all the time. The marriage ended with a divorce in October 1999. She received a settlement of millions of dollars and gave full custody rights of the children to Jackson.

After the death of Jackson in 2009, her two children along with Blanket Jackson had Mrs. Katherine Jackson, the mother of Michael Jackson, as their guardian.

Debbie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 but fought the battle against it and recovered. She now owns and runs a horse-breeding ranch.

Rare: Michael Jackson & Debbie Rowe & Prince together in 1997

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