Michael Jackson: Court dismisses Leaving Neverland accuser Wade Robson lawsuit

Michael Jackson Court dismisses Leaving Neverland accuser Wade Robson lawsuit
Last year court dismissed James Safechuck’s lawsuit and now Wade Robson’s. Both were seen in Leaving Neverland alleging MJ over sexual abuse. Pic Credit: Jim Ruyman-Pool/Getty Images, Taylor Jewell/Invison/AP/REX

Just in case you haven’t watched or heard of Leaving Neverland, we would like to share a few details of it. The HBO documentary showed the two accusers, James Safechuck and Wade Robson sharing their experiences of the then-childhood spent with the late pop star Michael Jackson, and how they made allegations of sexual abuse by Jackson.

Talking about the dismissal of the sex abuse lawsuit filed by accuser Wade Robson, the judge dismissed it stating, “There is no evidence supporting plaintiff’s contention that defendants exercised control over Jackson.” the court further added, “The evidence further demonstrates that defendants had no legal ability to control Jackson because Jackson had complete and total ownership of the corporate defendants.”

Spent 8 years ruining the image of Jackson in the eyes of the media and public by showing multiple documents to prove his innocence and the devil side of the late pop star Jackson, Wade Robson has finally lost it but his attorney, Vince Finaldi still has got some hopes from the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court and will take the case there, “if necessary.” Although the claims made by Robson are baseless and illogical still, they have got their hopes from the other courts.

Few years after Jackson’s tragic death in 2009, the two filed lawsuits against him. While Jackson was alive, no such statement came from them but later they shared their experiences with the public and media. In October 2022, the lawsuit filed by James Safechuck was dismissed by the court. The accuser first sued MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures back in 2014 and after 6 years lost the case because the evidence and the claims had no reality or soundness.

Not only the two accusers attempted majorly to destroy Jackson’s image but the famous talk show host, Oprah Winfrey who had good terms with Jackson during his life, allowed Safechuck and Robson to promote those allegations in her TV show which shows that greed, public attention, and fame can sometimes make the people go to worst limits.

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