Live Public Reaction On Michael Jackson Vs Prince

Live Public Reaction On Michael Jackson Vs Prince
Image: Rollingstone/mprnews

The two megastars from the ’80s, often compared to each other. It’s said that the musicians had no grudges for one another but being parallelled led the outlets provoking their rivalry. They were both fashion icons, had released their career’s smash hit album in the same decade. To add a few, they both came from music family backgrounds and born same year.

The pop’s biggest rivalry hasn’t been stopped until today, even after the contemporaries’ death. People around the world still chant their favorite names when it comes to Prince and Michael Jackson. And most of us only chose either of them. Interesting, isn’t it?

Here is a Youtube channel called StreetTweets has conducted the reaction of people upon choosing between Michael or prince.

In which half of the people like MJ and half of them go with Prince with a favorable opinion.

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